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Meta Has Published New Study on the Importance of Maximizing Inclusion in Gaming

Meta has published a new study which looks at how game developers should look to maximize inclusion within their games, in order to cater to people of different genders and sexual orientation.

Both provide a more welcoming environment for all potential users, while also fostering more acceptance in society overall.

As explained by Meta:

“The ever-growing diversity of players worldwide presents a massive opportunity for game developers and games companies to more authentically represent society and the industry’s customer base. To make people feel included and comfortable - and position itself for long-term success - the gaming industry must meaningfully address representation and inclusion across several areas, including the games themselves, the industry composition and how games are marketed.”

Meta’s 36-page study provides a range of important recommendations on how developers can increase inclusion in their games; Meta also published an infographic overview of all the key findings.

Check out the infographic below.

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