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Meta Experiments with New Revenue Methods for Horizon Worlds' Creators

Meta is experimenting with new Horizon Worlds tools that will allow creators to try out multiple revenue methods on the virtual platform, the experiments are being conducted within a small group of creators.

Horizon Worlds is a free virtual reality online video game created and released by Meta Platforms for the Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest 2 with an integrated game development system.

Meta is also testing the ability for creators to sell virtual things and effects within their environments. It lets them create and sell attachable fashion items or provide paid access to a new region of the planet.

Users who are 18 years or older in the US or Canada, where Horizon Worlds is presently accessible, can purchase things in the game. Creators selling items will see a Commerce tab and gadget when they’re in Create mode that allows them to list purchasable goods.

Along with the ability to sell items in the virtual world and in-world purchase offerings, Meta is starting to test a Horizon Worlds Creator Bonus program for participants in the United States.

These perks take the form of monthly goal-oriented programs in which the creators are compensated at the end of the month for their progress. Bonuses for creators are not subject to fees and will be given in full to them.

For the time being, creators will be rewarded for creating worlds that attract the greatest time spent in this limited test, but these goals may vary over time, for example, to motivate creators to use newly released tools or features.

In able to qualify for revenue, creators who participate in any monetization initiatives, including in-world purchases and creator incentives, must follow all of their Horizon Worlds regulations, such as the Conduct in VR Policy and the Horizon Worlds Prohibited Content Policy.

With the new creator bonuses and in-world purchase features currently being tested with a small group of creators, Meta is proceeding to bring out more tools and support for all creators to facilitate easier world creation.

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