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Messenger Offers Tips for Avoiding Potentially Dangerous Interactions for Safer Internet Day

In this day and age, we've become increasingly reliant on the internet for communication and engagement, even more so during the pandemic. Safer Internet Day, which was celebrated yesterday, has become an important reminder of the importance of digital literacy and making sure that everyone knows to set limits and keep oneself safe online..

Messenger also released a new decision tree graphic in observance of the said event, which aids the users in better grasping their options as they engage in potentially dangerous interactions.

In addition to that, Messenger advises users to:

  • Use a day like Safer Internet Day to remind you to check your app settings and controls, especially the ones you've set up for your children.

  • To build appropriate boundaries around technology use, check your 'Sleep Mode' settings.

  • Make sure your children are being taught about using technology in a healthy and good way. Pledge Planets from Messenger Kids, according to Messenger, can assist the parents in starting these essential dialogues in a fun and interactive way for their children.

Digital literacy is of the essence considering our increased dependency on online platforms for communication, and it's crucial that all parents evaluate their habits and how their children engage with others. On this aspect, Safer Internet Day acts as an excellent reminder prompt.

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