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  • Meerelle Cruz

LinkedIn's 'Dark Mode' is Now Available on Mobile and Desktop

LinkedIn has finally jumped on board the dark mode train, releasing the alternate display option in both its mobile app and on its desktop today. As you can see, the new dark mode for the LinkedIn app brings a different color palette to the app, which both offer a different view and makes it easier on the eyes in low-light circumstances.

That is, after all, the main goal of dark mode tools. While many people mistake dark mode tools for a new skin on their favorite programs' standard UI, the primary goal of dark mode tools is to reduce exposure to blue light.

In the daylight, blue light displays help to increase device readability; however, in low-light circumstances, blue light can cause your brain to cease releasing melatonin, causing sleep cycles to be interrupted and making it difficult to fall and remain asleep. And, with so many of us now checking our phones in bed before going to bed, this is a major worry - in fact, research reveals that the percentage of adults who get less than six hours of sleep per night has climbed by 31% since 1985. It's not simply a new, brighter display, though that's part of it.

LinkedIn's dark mode option focuses on two critical features, according to the company.

  1. Dark mode complies with accessibility standards, with color and contrast components that help reduce eye strain and keep light sensitivities in mind. To accommodate the overall light to dark backdrop contrast, we changed some colors inside the dark mode design to meet or surpass color contrast ratios for enhanced text legibility and user interface controls.

  2. They also used this occasion to introduce dark mode versions of their illustrations, which compliment the dark mode experience. These images depict professionals from a wide range of businesses and fields outside of tech, and they reflect people of all abilities and backgrounds, bringing our lively and varied LinkedIn community to life.

The addition is part of LinkedIn's larger effort to make its platform more inclusive and accessible, which includes, among other things, enhanced text scaling algorithms, optimal device orientation switching, and updated page reflow.

All of the main social media applications, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, and Pinterest, now have or are exploring dark mode options. If you prefer Darth Vader over Luke Skywalker, or simply prefer a good night's sleep, you can now do so on almost all of your favorite social apps.

LinkedIn's dark mode will be available to all users starting today, with no firm date set for a complete launch. LinkedIn also recommends that Company Page Managers double-check their brand logos in the new dark mode to verify that they display as they should.

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