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LinkedIn Releases a New Ad Campaign to Promote the App's Growing Popularity

LinkedIn has recently released a new ad campaign that intends to emphasize the platform's community value and how it can help users advance in their careers.

Now launched in the United Kingdom, India, and Germany, the campaign depicts LinkedIn's growing membership as a dinner table conversation, with users free to rearrange their seats to locate the conversations that are most relevant to their interests.

According to LinkedIn:

“For many of us, the last two years of uncertainty have been a period of great reflection and the catalyst to truly identify what it is we really want from our lives […] Our global research underlines this sentiment, with huge swathes of us spending time reassessing and revaluating our lives and careers - with 67% of people in the UK, 57% in Germany and 82% in India considering a new challenge this year. We are a workforce that’s on the move and looking for change.”

LinkedIn encourages talks regarding new work opportunities through LinkedIn Events, audio rooms, InMail, and other means. It's a great promotion that highlights the app's growing popularity, albeit it seems better suited to Clubhouse, which is purely dedicated to discussions on relevant subjects.

But, as expected, LinkedIn has imitated Clubhouse's core features, and as per its parent company Microsoft, the platform is now experiencing 'record levels of engagement'.

Perhaps LinkedIn is the place to go to participate in a variety of debates, and the dinner table metaphor does appear to be an enticing approach to convey social media dialogue.

Although it may not be entirely precise in depiction. Imagine a genuine dinner table conversation sparked by social media apps. The Twitter table would be hectic, followed by your relatives and friends at the Facebook table, then a slew of strange people at the Reddit table.

However, the basic concept is interesting, especially in terms of professional growth, and it appears to be an excellent method to promote LinkedIn.

As previously stated, the new campaign is already live in the United Kingdom, India, and Germany, and will run until June 2022 on television, VOD, and digital platforms.

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