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LinkedIn Reaches 610 Million Members, Publishes New eBook on Social Media Management Tips

Are you looking to get more out of LinkedIn in 2019?

You probably should be - according to parent company Microsoft, engagement on LinkedIn is at record high levels, with more than 610 million professionals now interacting on the platform and looking for new ideas and opportunities.

If you are looking to make LinkedIn more of a focus in 2019, you're in luck - the platform has this week published a new eBook of social media marketing and management tips, based on lessons learned by LinkedIn's own social media management team.

As explained by LinkedIn's Global Social Media Lead Steve Kearns:

"[In this eBook] we’ll share our best social media management tips, taken from years managing LinkedIn’s own social media presence, in hopes that we can help you increase the impact of your efforts across the funnel. And while I’m ultimately here to make a case for why you should be investing more of your time on LinkedIn, I hope that you can use this guide as a roadmap to success in all of your social media communications."

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