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LinkedIn Publishes New Guide for Wealth Planning Marketers

Do you want to learn more about LinkedIn's marketing opportunities and how many business decision-makers you might be able to reach with your advertisements and posts?

LinkedIn released a new 25-page guide to LinkedIn marketing for wealth marketing business marketers this week.

Clearly, this is a very specialist topic, but it does offer some excellent advice for wealth management companies, as well as showcasing the possibilities for connection among the larger LinkedIn audience.

Furthermore, the guide also provides some more generically useful observations on LinkedIn usage, such as the following graphic:

These LinkedIn insights, which include total members reached by company postings, increases in usage and paid advertising, total impressions, connections and more, are the first I've seen.

LinkedIn engagement data is quite rare, particularly since the company was bought by Microsoft in 2016, which removed the necessity for LinkedIn to keep releasing platform performance information.

LinkedIn's usage statistics has now been relegated to a few dot points in Microsoft's quarterly updates, and although the platform's overall member numbers are accessible, 'members' and 'users', as well as usage, are distinct concepts.

This is why these remarks are intriguing, especially since LinkedIn has previously provided information on how its members regard business leaders' opinions.

And additional demographic data, such as a comparison of LinkedIn's audience to those of other social media platforms.

There are some useful ideas for strategic planning and drawing out a procedure for reaching out to the correct audience for your brand and products. There's also this observation about cryptocurrencies, which may also have something to do with emerging trends:

The data sheds more light on the LinkedIn audience as a whole, as well as the potential benefit of using the app's many functions to target and engage with them.

In fact, financial services firms and wealth planners are the primary emphasis of LinkedIn's new guide, and if you're marketing to these industries, it's absolutely worth checking. However, the notes are still useful for LinkedIn strategy even if you aren't in this area.

The wealth management planning guide from LinkedIn may be downloaded here.

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