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LinkedIn publishes data on latest content engagement trends

In what will come as absolutely no surprise, LinkedIn has reported that it's seeing a massive increase in company posts mentioning 'COVID-19' and 'working from home' at present.

That's no revelation, but what is interesting is noting the engagement that these posts have received, and how LinkedIn's members have responded to coronavirus-related content - which may provide some helpful indicators for your company page strategy.

This week, LinkedIn has shared some new insights on both fronts, and there are some interesting trends of note among the more obvious shifts.

First off, as noted, LinkedIn has seen a massive spike in company page posts mentioning COVID-19.

In terms of engagement, LinkedIn users have shifted their interest in the topic also - as you can see below, now, LinkedIn users are far more interested in these posts, as reflected by the engagement data.

Of course, the COVID-19 topic is so dominant at the moment that there's not really much else to engage with, but even so, it is interesting to note the relative shifts here.

LinkedIn specifically notes that:

"The coronavirus posts that got the most engagement were about how companies were stepping up to help relief efforts, in ways big and small."

So if you're looking to get a better understanding of what LinkedIn users are interested in right now, COVID-19 related content - specifically about how your business is helping - could be beneficial for your audience.

The trends are similar in 'working from home', another key focus on LinkedIn.

In fact, 'working from home' related posts have seen an even bigger jump in engagement.

"In March, WFH posts in Asia-Pacific and North America saw roughly 50% more engagement than the average post. So far in April, engagement has skyrocketed in Asia-Pacific — with WFH posts getting 165% more engagements than usual."

I mean, that makes sense - LinkedIn is the 'professional social network', where people discuss their work loves, and with most of us now working from home, that is, of course, the key discussion point. But again, it's worthy of note - if you're looking for ways to improve connection with your LinkedIn audience, these are the topics that are generating the most interest right now.

Digging further, LinkedIn has also provided a listing of the specific words that appeared most often in the posts that have resonated with users.

These are some good pointers as to what LinkedIn's audience is looking for, and wants to hear from brands at this time. Again, the broader trends are fairly obvious, but if you were looking for ways to better connect, it may well be worth considering these insights in relation your posting efforts on the platform at present.

You can read LinkedIn's full data overview here.  

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