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LinkedIn Published it's New 'Recharge Your Marketing' Digital Magazine

LinkedIn has published a new 48-page digital magazine that offers a range of insights and tips on key trends that can help shape your marketing approach.

LinkedIn's 'Recharge Your Marketing 2022' magazine is presented in a magazine format that can turn pages, features interviews with experts, engagement tips based on platform insight, tooltips and more.

You can download LinkedIn's digital magazine here, and it's free!

According to LinkedIn:

“With the adrenaline of the last two years starting to wear off, the chances are that you and your team find yourselves navigating a bigger and busier role. There are more demands and deliverables than ever before. Performance and agility still matter, but so too does purpose – and aligning brands and businesses with a post-pandemic world. There’s great opportunity out there and great responsibility to take on. It’s time to look up, see what’s ahead – and make sure you’re ready for it.”

The magazine features notes on the compelling issues impacting B2B brands in 2022 and expectations about the future of B2B marketing leaders.

LinkedIn-specific insight, based on post engagement and interest.

Tips on key platform elements, including how to improve your LinkedIn Company Page.

It also includes in-depth pieces on key B2B brand trends and approaches, with insights from prominent marketers and voices in the field.

If you want to maximize your LinkedIn strategy, it's definitely worth downloading!

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