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LinkedIn Offers New Insights on the Gains of a Combined 'Brand and Demand' Approach [Infographic]

Is it better to focus on social media brand building or direct response marketing?

Each aspect has its unique position, but branding, according to LinkedIn, will produce the best long-term results if you take a purposeful, consistent content approach.

According to LinkedIn:

“Evidence is mounting that loading budget into performance marketing without a brand strategy to support it risks diminishing returns. Research by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) shows the impact of demand marketing declining quickly over time, while an investment in brand keeps on giving. That’s why IPA data suggests that the optimal marketing mix gives 60% of budget to brand, compared to 40% for demand.”

To put it another way, you should aim to build long-term relationships with your social media audience through a well-thought-out content strategy that reinforces your brand's ethos and approach. However, you must also promote your most recent products at the same time.

Although it takes time to develop your brand, it does require forethought, a strategic plan to establish clear expectations, and investment, especially early on, a combined approach that factors in the importance of each piece will help you maximize your outcomes.

This is the core of LinkedIn's latest infographic, which offers some crucial tips for maximizing success by combining a brand and demand strategy.

Even then, there's a lot more to it. The most difficult part will probably be persuading your executives to invest in such a program when they won't get excellent results in the beginning. However, perhaps this graphic can help to clarify the strategy and direct your future planning.

The entire LinkedIn overview may be found here.

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