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LinkedIn Now Supports Hindi, the First Indian Regional Language On The Platform

India is a primary priority for practically every social platform, with 1.4 billion residents and growing, and digital usage gaining traction across the country, and even more so with India currently topping the region in terms of overall users for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Clubhouse.

India's use of LinkedIn is also increasing significantly.

India is now LinkedIn's second-largest user market, behind the United States, as shown in this updated user map, and with the rising region becoming more of a priority, LinkedIn has now revealed its first Indian regional language support, with Hindi now enabled in the app.

According to LinkedIn:

“You will now be able to create your LinkedIn profile in Hindi, making it easier for other Hindi-speaking members and recruiters to find you for relevant opportunities. You can also access the feed, jobs, messaging, and create content in Hindi.”

Although Hindi is the most generally spoken language in India, there are a number of other widely spoken languages and dialects that LinkedIn is likely to incorporate as part of its larger push in the country.

LinkedIn claims it's striving to boost the number of job opportunities available for Hindi-speaking professionals in different professions, "including more banking and government roles," as part of a larger drive to make LinkedIn a crucial facilitator in the market, increasing ad income and usage.

As previously said, every social network is increasingly focusing on this area. Actually, the only major social applications that have failed to acquire substantial traction with Indian users are Twitter and Pinterest, while TikTok, which was formerly the most popular social app among Indian youngsters, was banned by the Indian government last year owing to a border conflict with China.

More social applications will likely place a greater emphasis on Indian users over time, resulting in more tests and features tailored to the country. Which will be an intriguing adjustment — US consumers are accustomed to new updates and features matched with their usage and focusing on local trends, but we'll likely see more and more aspects introduced that may have minimal value for western markets but could be really beneficial in East Asia.

Hence, the next time you encounter an eCommerce update or a new voice connection tool, think about where it would be useful, because even if some features don't appear to have value for your usage, you might not be the target audience for such solutions.

In the coming year, LinkedIn is expected to add more Indian language support.

More information on converting your LinkedIn profile to Hindi can be found here.

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