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  • Meerelle Cruz

LinkedIn Launches "Future of Skills" to Emphasize Key Industry Trends

LinkedIn just launched a new interactive tool called 'Future of Skills,' which allows you to dig into the latest skills trends for any job role, to gain a better understanding of what employers are looking for and what people are listing on their LinkedIn profiles for each position.

The new tool, which you can test out here, allows you to choose a nation, industry, and job title, all of which can be searched by typing keywords into the appropriate fields. Then, based on how LinkedIn members have identified important talents on their profiles, you can receive an overview of key skill trends for each.

By hovering over any listed skill, which will then reveal how it has changed over time, you can more quickly view each trend and check out comparable talents that may have changed names.

The abilities listed are based on what LinkedIn members disclose on their profiles, not on job advertisements, so they aren't necessarily a direct sign of what's 'in demand.' However, as folks in each field are likely to update their profiles over time, the overall trends should reflect industry shifts in either direction, even if this isn't a precise depiction of what firms are searching for in their job advertisements.

It might be a useful research tool for not just job seekers, but also marketers and audience researchers, as it could indicate potential new opportunities in each field depending on shifts. If you're marketing to artists, for example, you can learn about significant skill trends in the industry, which may reveal new ways to reach these customers with more targeted campaigns, such as a tutorial on Adobe Lightroom or tips on product photography to supplement revenue.

There are a variety of opportunities here, including LinkedIn's new 'Future of Skills' feature.

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