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  • MaryGrace Lerin

LinkedIn Expands Its 'Services' Listings to Aid Freelancers in Getting Work

LinkedIn's Services Pages has gained two new components which allow freelancers and small businesses to list on their LinkedIn profile and be identified for the services they offer. Its Services listings, which were first introduced in 2019, can be found under your profile set-up settings and also connect to LinkedIn's Services Marketplace for locating contract employees.

The additional aspects will give you more opportunities to give your services listings more validity. For starters, LinkedIn will now allow users to connect their LinkedIn Company Page to their Services listing.

According to LinkedIn:

“Service Pages are connected to your personal profile while LinkedIn Pages are associated with an organization. Linking your pages offers a direct path from your LinkedIn Page to your Service Page for potential clients to view the services you provide. Your linked Page information will also appear on your Service Page when viewed on desktop.”

You can now connect your Services display to your company page if you do have one for your SMB or consultancy.

Also, the page linking option is only accessible for single-admin LinkedIn Company Pages and is currently only accessible through the site's desktop version. It's a way to build on your services listing and give your business and skills more depth.

Furthermore, LinkedIn will also allow users to include a media showcase on their services pages.

“Use this section to give prospective clients a preview of what you can do by highlighting your favorite projects of press related to your services.”

This gives you more options for adding context and integrity to the presentation of your services by exhibiting more of what you do or how you've been acknowledged for it.

With over 2 million users currently showcasing their services on the app, LinkedIn's Services listings have proven successful in the burgeoning gig economy.

The new options provide you with more avenues to engage prospective customers, and they could be extremely useful in advertising and presenting your capabilities in innovative ways.

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