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LinkedIn Advertising: Where to start?

After running more and more campaigns on LinkedIn for our clients, we have learned a lot about the advertising strategy and features of LinkedIn advertising. Most of the marketers think LinkedIn is 'super expensive' and 'way more expensive than Facebook'. Well, everything is relative. It's a fact that LinkedIn is more expensive than Facebook, although the quality of this social channel is way higher. Especially, when your main goal is to reach the more senior professional.

The facts

LinkedIn reported that the network has reached the 610 million member threshold, of which 7 million are based in the Netherlands. In the North and West of Europe, LinkedIn members are growing 35% each year.

LinkedIn is providing a diverse group of advertising tools. Who do you want to target and what is your objective? Executives, job seekers, branding or maybe collecting leads. Each type of LinkedIn ad has its benefits and approaches. LinkedIn offers the following types of ads: sponsored content, LinkedIn text ads, sponsored InMail, video ads, display ads, lead gen forms and dynamic ads.

The Click-Through Rate is a important aspect of you LinkedIn campaign. If nobody is clicking on your ads, LinkedIn will penalize them, and you 'll end up with even fewer conversions and much higher costs. By that, testing is key. It's often hard to tell, before running a campaign, how a new audience will respond, so decide what works based on the data you gather. It's important to note that the average CPC on LinkedIn is much higher than other social networks.

Upcoming releases in 2019

LinkedIn will release a different managing account for agencies. This tool makes it easier to connect an employee to the LinkedIn campaign manager.

LinkedIn is working on a link between Sales Navigators and LinkedIn Ads. There'll be a possibility to implement your target audience out of the Sales Navigator into LinkedIn ads. The moment your audience is interacting with your campaign you'll get a notification in teh Sales Navigator. This will be a limited release from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn will also announce a new attribution model: multi-touch modelling.

For sure, there will take place a lot more releases from LinkedIn Ads as this business is growing each day. We'll update you again when the moment is there.

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