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  • Meerelle Cruz

LinkedIn Adds Reviews and Ratings for Profiles Which Have Added Services Listings

LinkedIn is introducing a new review aspect to its professional services listings, which will provide you another opportunity to promote the quality of your professional abilities in your LinkedIn profile data.

LinkedIn's Services listings, which were first published in 2019, allow freelancers and small businesses to include any services they provide on their LinkedIn profile and be found for them in search results. Past clients and customers will now be able to post reviews of your work, which will be shown inside your listings as a bonus.

A new 'Reviews' feature is now displayed on qualified LinkedIn accounts, as shown in this example given by social media specialist Matt Navarra, where you may submit testimonials from prior clients to provide further assurance and insight.

LinkedIn is delighted to announce that as a service provider, you can now accept and view reviews on LinkedIn. Simply go to your Service Page to examine or manage the evaluations you've received from previous clients. If you haven't received any reviews on your Service Page yet, send out review invites to get the ball rolling.

As part of the initial introduction of the function, those who have enabled Services on their LinkedIn profile will be granted 20 credits to request evaluations from prior clients. In most circumstances, it should be a highly positive addition - however, as with any review tool, there is a chance that it will be abused, with those who want to harm you for whatever reason being able to post negative remarks and comments intended to undermine your professional reputation.

You'll also have a variety of management choices to regulate how reviews are displayed, as well as the option to turn off reviews entirely if you prefer.

Overall, it appears to be a positive addition, and with customer reviews providing much more comfort and direction for potential clients, it might be a major assist in getting more business through your Services listings.

LinkedIn service reviews are presently only available on desktop, however, this is expected to change soon.

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