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LinkedIn adds new analytics tools for company pages

LinkedIn has rolled out a range of new tweaks, including new Follower analytics for company pages, a new audio option for pronunciation on user profiles, and an alternative process for limiting company page invites.

First off, on follower analytics - if you head over to your LinkedIn company page analytics now, you'll see a 'New' marker on the Analytics tab, signifying that something's been added. That addition is this new listing of company page followers, by individual profile, which you can expand out to a full list of every person that's followed your Page, sorted in reverse chronology.

The listing could provide an opportunity to reach out to new followers to thank them for following, while it also provides some more insight into who's coming to your page, which could help to refine your posting and engagement processes.

You can't, however, download this list, but still, it's an extra level of insight into your company page performance. This is in addition to the existing follower highlights overview, follower metrics (follower trends over time) and demographic/job role data, as well as the 'Companies to Track' display, which shows you how other, similar LinkedIn company pages are performing in regards to follower growth, posting frequency and engagement rates.

LinkedIn's also implementing a new system to limit how many times a company page manager can send out invitations to their connections to follow their company page.

LinkedIn officially brought back the option to invite your connections to follow your company page in November last year, after trialing it a few times in the preceding months (and also providing the option some years back).

The risk in this, of course, is that 'growth hackers' will use it to spam the bejeezus out of their connections - which LinkedIn sought to avoid in the initial launch by implementing a limit of 50 invites per page manager, per day. Evidently, that wasn't enough, or LinkedIn simply felt the need for a better process. The new system, as you can see in this screenshot (shared by social media expert Matt Navarra), provides Pages with 100 credits that they can use per month, with each sent invite costing one credit.

"When your invite is accepted, the credit is returned. Each month, Pages are granted invitation credits shared by all admins. Credits do not roll over."

So now, Pages could theoretically send out 100 invites a day - but they'll only be able to spam 100 people per month, with every unaccepted invite coming out of their tally. Not sure if that's a better system, but it's interesting nonetheless.

And lastly, and again via the eagle-eye of Matt Navarra, LinkedIn's adding a new audio option for name pronunciation, if it really, really annoys you when people mispronounce your name. 

As you can see here, in the LinkedIn app, you'll now see a prompt on your LinkedIn profile to add an audio recording of your name, if you so choose. Tap on the 'Add name pronunciation' prompt and you'll be taken to an in-app audio recorder, where you can say whatever you like.

The recording is limited to 10 seconds, and LinkedIn advises that users should "speak slowly and pronounce each syllable clearly" and to "hold the phone about four inches from your mouth".

Once recorded, a small audio icon will appear next to your name in the app (the functionality is not currently available on desktop).

The new features add some interesting new options, and while none of them are set to transform your process, they do provide some additional considerations for building your on-platform audience, as well as clarifying your details.

Or just making humorous, 10-second audio Easter eggs for profile visitors, whatever you choose.

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