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Lasso, a Facebook app aimed on teens

Author: Esmé Bouhali

In an attempt to get the youth back on their side, Facebook launched a music-filled video sharing app. Facebook was working on this new app from October this year. The App is available for Android and iOs in the US.

Facebook gives a small explanation about the app: "Lasso makes it easy for anyone to create and share short videos with fun effects". The App makes it possible to follow each other and has the option to get creative with short videos. With this new App, Facebook is directly competing with TikTok, which recently merged with TikTok is an app with young followers, not so strange Facebook launches a comparable app to get this young audience on their side. Let’s dig a little deeper into the options Lasso has to offer.

The app let’s you record 15 seconds long videos, uploading content from you device is not available (yet). The app centres around an algorithmic feed of recommended videos, but also lets you tap through hashtags or a Browse page of themed collections. Lasso focuses on the huge music library their providing in the app to add to the video. You can log into Lasso with your Facebook or Instagram account to get instant personalization. This also provides the option to post you Lassos to Facebook Stories to, this option will be coming for Instagram soon.

The big question is whether Lasso is too late. rose to over 200 million registered users before the app emerged into TikTok.

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