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Key tips for more effective tweet copy

Last month, Twitter shared the first of its 'Good Copy, Bad Copy' Twitter tips, in which Twitter creative lead Joe Wadlington outlined some simple, actionable tweet tips that can significantly improve tweet presentation and performance.

This week, Wadlington is back to share some more tweet copy tips - and as with last time, while the notes here are very simple, they are indeed worth considering.

As outlined by Wadlington, given the fast-moving nature of Twitter, you want to try and keep your messaging as simple as possible, in order to grab attention and maximize response.

In the example tweet, the initial text is:

"So very excited to reveal our 2020 calendar! ????. It includes the top events for sports, entertainment, conferences and more. Use it to target these high engagement occasions!"

Wadlington notes that this is too long, it's not optimized for tweet consumption, and really, a lot of it just re-states what users already know. You're aware of what a calendar is, you know what Twitter's event calendar will be about. The aim is to get you clicking through, and too much text in the tweet can distract from that action.

In the revised version, the copy is simplified, with more of a focus put onto the link.

In the first line, Wadlington updates the text to:

"Excited to reveal our 2020 calendar ????"

Interesting to note too the expansion of the tweet with an extra space in between the first and second lines, which, as Wadlington notes, "makes the tweet taller", giving it more presence, while also more clearly defining the CTA.

Wadlington has also made the call to action more explicit, with 'download now' included in the second sentence.

It's pretty difficult to argue

against the second version being more dynamic, and likely driving better response. You always want to keep it simple, and keep in mind the intention of your tweet - which, in this case, is to draw clicks.

These are some good, solid tips for your tweet copy, which will no doubt help to get you thinking, and driving more specific attention to your intended audience action.

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