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Is TikTok The Future of Social Media?

Short videos are immensely popular among young people. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said this while discussing the latest quarterly earnings. Snap is the parent company of Snapchat and responsible for the popular app.

Snapchat users spend less time on their friends' Stories, but those same users do spend a lot of time on Spotlight.

It is precisely this part within Snapchat that most resembles the video format of TikTok.

While this initially appeared to be a trend at the start of the pandemic, Spiegel sees that current numbers still aren't reverting to the previous period, but the CEO assures investors that the platform will continue to innovate to keep the user base engaged.

It is not clear what changes are planned, but probably the video offer and the menu will resemble that of TikTok.

The focus is then more on videos that are presented on a full screen. You can also dive deeper into the content through the Discovery section within the app.

Mark Zuckerberg already knew this apparently, Meta described TikTok as a formidable enemy earlier last week. “People have many leisure options and apps like TikTok are the preferred choice.”

So both companies are looking very closely at what TikTok is doing.

Snap continues to show user growth, but Facebook disappointed its investor for the first time last week.

Not only is the number of daily and monthly users decreasing, the turnover is also lower than forecast. As a result, a market value of more than 200 billion dollars evaporated.

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