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Introducing Snapchat's Swipe Up to Call in the US

Get people to call or text your business with Snapchat!

Businesses of all sizes rely on phone calls or texts to source new clients, and meet their marketing objectives.

This is why we’re introducing Swipe Up to Call or Text. Available today in Ads Manager, Swipe Up to Call or Swipe Up to Text is a new Snapchat ad format specifically built to deliver leads, conversions, and sales. In addition to being able to swipe up to different actions such as visiting a website or downloading an app, Snapchatters can swipe up on an ad to directly call or text a business from their mobile phone.

With this new ad capability to meet your advertising objectives, you’ll be able to speed up the consumer’s decision and purchase journey by giving them the option to call you or text your business immediately.

Driving a user to call your business can close a purchase quickly as your sales associates have more control over the user experience by speaking with the consumer directly. More importantly, a user calling showcases a high level of consideration and intent to purchase, which businesses can capitalize on.

Leveraging Swipe Up to Call can be a cornerstone to power up sales from an always-on perspective or when you need that boost of leads for your business. This new ad product will allow automotive businesses to scale test drives and feed their leads funnel. Real estate companies will have another strong tool to increase the reach and prospect volume by getting consumers to immediately call their sales representative to book an apartment showing. Restaurants will be able to use Swipe Up to Call to drive reservations and food orders. A telecom company will be able to connect with consumers and help them pick the right plan.

Get started now!

To get started, create a campaign with Instant Create in Ads Manager and select ‘Calls & Texts’ as your advertising goal.

Next, pick ‘Call My Business’ or ‘Text My Business’ and select a saved phone number or input a new one. If you add a new number, you will need to verify it via call or text. You will then receive a phone call or text message with a 6-digit verification number to enter in Ads Manager. You can then design and upload your ad.

If your business is using a call center number, a toll free number, or another special number you can click here to get it verified, select “creating an ad” then “my ad is still pending”.

You can get started with Swipe Up to Call and Swipe Up to Text today in Ads Manager. To learn more about the product, check out our Business Help Center.

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