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Instagram Will Now Allow Users to Upload Photos and Videos From Desktop

Instagram has officially announced that, beginning of October 21st, it will introduce image and video publishing functionality to the desktop version of the platform, enabling a more centralized manner for social media managers to maintain their IG presence.

At this time, the process will only allow users to upload photographs and videos that are less than one minute long. It will not allow users to upload Stories or Reels. However, it will make it a little easier for social media managers to remain on top of their numerous applications and postings by allowing them to publish content for each platform from a single location - eliminating the need to save photographs in various ways and then upload from your phone, for example.

Instagram has been experimenting with desktop posting for a while, with a public test of desktop uploads started in June.

As a result, only a few people have had access to the option for a few months, but soon it will be available to all users worldwide, adding another factor to your process.

Of course, as several members of the SMT community have pointed out in reaction to our previous coverage of this functionality, you can already upload Instagram posts from your desktop using the device selection in Inspector mode on the website. You can use mobile functions on the desktop if you go to a mobile form of the website, so there have been ways to do this for quite some time.

However, this will improve the process by making it a more integrated, official system, which might be a great help to social media managers trying to streamline their workflow and publish modified graphics and visuals created in other apps more simply.

Instagram has been gradually expanding its desktop capabilities. It added the ability to see live-streams from the desktop version of the app last year, and it recently upgraded the Stories viewing experience on PC.

Apart from the benefits for social media managers, providing more ways into the Instagram experience will enable more individuals to utilize the network - although I'm thinking that the majority of demands for this change, particularly, have been from social media experts trying to better their process.

They can now do so. This week, the improved upload options will be available.

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