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  • Meerelle Cruz

Instagram Updates Link Stickers with Custom Text and New Color Options for Your Stories Links

Instagram has added the ability to add custom text to link stickers, as well as a variety of color options for the sticker display in your Stories, which is a useful improvement for your Instagram marketing efforts.

As you can see in these samples, you'll now be prompted to enter custom wording for the link when you add a link sticker. This opens up more creative possibilities, as you can now include language that is directly related to your brand or campaign to assist drive traffic.

Simply tap on the sticker as you place it to modify the color of the link. There are only a few color options (from what I could tell in my testing), but it's another method to make your link stickers stand out against various background graphics.

In October, Instagram made link stickers available to all accounts, allowing you to gain more direct traffic from your IG Stories content. These additional options will open up many more possibilities, and it'll be worth exploring to see if these personalized modifications may improve your audience's response. From today, all users will have access to the new options.

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