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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Instagram Tests New Option That Lets You Rearrange the Post Display on Your Profile

Instagram is experimenting with a new feature that allows users to rearrange their profile photo grid and organize their previously posted photos in any order they want.

The new 'Edit Grid' feature would be accessible in your profile settings, as shown in this sample by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, allowing you to reorder your profile gallery however you want, independent of when each was published.

This could be a great option to consider, as it gives you another method to concentrate on the Instagram pictures you want to show off to your visitors.

In a similar vein, Instagram's chief Adam Mosseri previously hinted at the possibility of a 'pinned post' option for profiles, which would allow users to choose which posts they wish to display at the top of their grid. The ability to completely rearrange the order of your posts goes even farther, and it'll be fascinating to see if Instagram decides to implement it, considering the fundamental alteration to the platform's deep-rooted ordering and display procedure.

Instagram appears to be more open to experimentation with its main feed and profile options, which conforms with user requests in some aspects while also plausibly attributing to people using their main feed less than ever before, with video posts - particularly Reels - now leading the large percentage of Instagram engagement growth.

Mosseri also stated that video, together with messaging, would increasingly be the center of Instagram, and as a result, it appears that the main feed, as we know it, will be played down in order to better connect users to the app's video content forms.

I suppose Instagram will switch to a full-screen Stories/Reels main feed display instead, abandoning the traditional static post feed completely. With that thought, I believe Instagram will be less hesitant to experiment with the traditional post format - after all, if they're going to drift away from it soon, why not try something new first?

Another aspect of this is rearranging your profile display, and with the growing emphasis on video, Instagram appears to be more keen to try new concepts, as it slowly switches to completely new focus displays altogether.

There's no news on whether this, along with post pinning, will ever be implemented, but it appears that Instagram will test things out in the following months. That might make it easy to highlight your greatest posts — and, as social media expert Matt Navarra points out, if you use multi-post, linked photographs to create a broader, connected visual on your profile, this could be a wonderful addition to your strategy.

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