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  • Meerelle Cruz

Instagram Tests New Ads on the Shop Tab to Highlight Specific Products

With a new test of promoted products on the Shop tab in the app, Instagram is starting the next step in its eCommerce push.

Brands with product listings in the app will soon be able to promote them on the Shop tab home page, as shown above, with a 'Sponsored' disclaimer.

When you click through on a sponsored product listing, you'll be sent to the Product Details Page, where you may obtain more information and see extra photographs if they're available. People will be able to tap through to further posts and goods from the brand within Instagram by tapping on the profile bubble, and they will also be able to tap through to the brand's website for more information and to make a purchase by touching on the profile bubble.

Promoted items, like ordinary Instagram posts, can be saved or shared with friends, giving them even more promotional potential. Instagram is steadily rolling out more commerce tools and features to make the platform more shoppable and encourage new user behaviors that match with the broader eCommerce movement. Instagram hopes to make purchasing a habitual response in the app in the future so that you'll be able to buy the things shown in a post with just a few clicks.

There's a lot to this because Facebook operates in a variety of countries, each with its own set of rules for payments and in-stream purchases. However, with the launch of Instagram Shops and other new promotional tools like this, the platform is constantly leaning toward expanding its retail potential and allowing brands to explore new use cases.

Away, Boo Oh, Clairepaint, DEUX, and Donni Davy will be among the first marketers to test these new Shop tab advertising in the United States. Instagram says it will monitor the results over time and decide whether or not to expand the service.

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