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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Instagram's New Promotional Campaign Highlights the Audience's Diversity and Creativity

Instagram has introduced a new promotional campaign with the slogan "Who We Become is Yours to Make," of which commemorates the diversity of Instagram users.

According to Instagram:

"After a year that challenged everything we thought was normal and possible, a new campaign from Instagram denounces “going back to normal” because normal was never good enough. It’s a rallying cry of progress, optimism, and reinvention as we look back on this past year, empowering people with the message that “Who We Become is Yours to Make”.

Photographer Bella Newman shot the campaign, which showcases images of Instagram creators powered by their own experiences. The images will be shown "in culturally and contextually relevant locations" to elicit further conversation and attract a wider audience to the app.

Over the last year, Instagram has focused on increasing inclusivity, releasing a slew of new tools to help you express yourself and handle your in-app experience.

Instagram introduced a new 'Pronouns' feature on user profiles in May, allowing users to choose up to four pronouns so that people know how to refer to them in interactions, and Instagram just increased its 'Limits' and DM filter tools recently, giving people more avenues to minimize unwanted interactions. While it's regrettable that the latter tools are required, it's great that Instagram is developing more tools to assist users in managing their on-platform socialization in this regard.

The new campaign emphasizes this point by outlining the various ways in which people are using the app to grow and interact with various communities.

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