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  • Isabel Encinares

Instagram’s New Features For Promotional Branding

Instagram has become one of the top platforms for influencing, signing brand deals, and promoting your business or yourself. While Instagram has had branding tools for quite a while now, they have recently announced that they will be updating those tools in order to increase transparency and allow branded content to be managed more quickly and efficiently.

Firstly, Instagram’s content creators are now able to tag up to two brands in a single post or piece of content. The reason this is such a useful change is because it opens up the possibility of cross-promotions and tie-in promotions. This opens up new doors for Instagram campaigns and will bring good changes to the Instagram marketing scene.

Moreover, Instagram also noted that brands are now able to see the other before approving any integrated messages.

On another note, Instagram is also giving creators the option to post branded content prior to brand approval. Brands will be given as much time as needed to approve, but their brand name will only be visible on the post’s paid partnership label once they do.

This gives creators more room to breathe. Through being given access to more freedom, creators are allowed to publish more timely content and stay in tune with different trends.

In relation to this, creators will also be able to request approval from their brand partners in their settings. Moreover, brands will be able to approve or deny the request while looking at the piece of media itself. This allows for a much easier and less complicated process as, in the past, this process was only available to be done within the creation flow of the media.

Lastly, Instagram is now offering brands more insights in relation to Branded Content partnerships. They plan to release Reels and IG Live response data sets for brand partners on the 7th of June. Through this, partner businesses are given more information and insight into the actual effectiveness of their co-promotions.

Instagram putting more focus on improving branded content features is such an amazing thing as it gives creators an opportunity to use their expertise and knowledge in social media to collaborate with brands and maximize that brand’s overall reach and appearance. Without branded offers, so many creators’ amazing abilities would be wasted and they would not be as successful as they are now.

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