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Instagram rolls out option to reply to stories with GIFs

A quick one to note:

PSA: You can now reply to your friends’ stories using @GIPHY GIFs! Update your app to try it. — Instagram (@instagram) February 4, 2020

It's a minor update, in relative terms, but now you can reply to a friend's story with your favorite GIPHY GIFs.

To apply a GIF, you can run a search by keyword in the reply text box - social media expert Matt Navarra posted this video of the process in action (via user @thebkh):

TIL... You can reply to Instagram Stories with a GIF Start typing your reply to a story, the icon changes to GIF h/t @thebkh
— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) February 4, 2020

So that's a thing - you now have yet another way to engage with Stories in a way that won't become tiresome or overbearing, especially when the recipients' inbox fills up with hilarious and original GIFs.

Actually, it'll probably prove to be popular, adding a different way to respond to Stories frames. 

Brand and marketing considerations could include GIF reply competitions, or prompts to come up share GIF reactions based on your Stories frames (and you can then share the best ones, tagging the responders).

To try it out for yourself, you need to update to the latest version (127.0 on iOS) of the app.

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