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  • Meerelle Cruz

Instagram Rolls Out Language Translation Options Within Instagram Stories

With the global extension of language translation within Instagram Stories, Instagram has added another way to boost accessibility. As you can see in this example, if you come across a Story with overlay text in another language, you may now translate that text on-screen.

When a foreign language is recognized, users will now see a new ‘See Translations' banner in the upper left corner of their Instagram stories (based on phone settings). When you select that option, you'll be presented with a new translation panel similar to the one seen above.

Instagram claims to support over 90 languages at the moment; however, translations are only accessible for text at the moment, with no capability for direct audio conversion. Even so, it may increase accessibility - and for companies, it may provide a way to expand into other areas with promotions that can be readily translated by users within the app.

For feed posts, user profiles, and comments, similar translation options are already available.

Earlier this year, Instagram introduced automated text captions for Stories, so you could theoretically use the captions sticker and this new feature to translate voice in your recordings into another language. However, at this time, it may not be achievable.

In any case, it's another significant accessibility advancement for Instagram, as well as an additional factor to consider when creating your Instagram Stories.

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