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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Instagram Reveals New Diwali Features and Events

Diwali begins this week on Thursday, and Instagram is preparing to assist users celebrate with a variety of new stickers and AR effects, as well as a number of specialized events tied to the larger Diwali festival.

To begin with, Instagram collaborated with artist Neethi to create three new Diwali stickers that users may apply to their Stories, each portraying a different aspect of the festival.

When you apply any of the stickers to your Story, it will be included to a collective Diwali Story, which will display all the publicly posted instances of each, which you can see in your Stories tray.

Furthermore, Instagram is reintroducing its ‘Festive Diya' AR effect for the occasion, which will be available in Reels, Stories, and regular feed posts.

Instagram's main @instagram account will also feature South Asian creators and businesses, as well as numerous small businesses under the Shop tab. Instagram is also hosting a series of live-streams to illustrate how people participate in the Diwali celebration in various ways.

Finally, Instagram is launching a new 'POV Reels' series, which will highlight the many different ways people celebrate Diwali, but with a Reels-specific twist.

Diwali is one of the world's largest festivities, with over a billion people participating in various ways. It's encouraging to see Instagram focusing more on the Diwali celebration and showcasing what it means and how people may participate.

The app's new Diwali features will be available in the following week.

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