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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Instagram Releases New IG Live Stream Moderator Option

Instagram is expanding its live-stream management capabilities with a new live-stream moderator option that allows users to assign a moderator within a stream.

Streamers on Instagram can now assign a moderator, who will be able to report comments, remove viewers from a stream, and turn off comments for a specific viewer, as shown in these images.

The feature will give users another way to control the flow of content within a stream, as well as solve issues about improper behavior during IG Live sessions.

Since live stream moderation is tricky as it takes place in real-time, some people take advantage of this by knowing that they can get away with indecent, harmful, and harassing behavior, particularly on relatively large streams.

Live mods, which Instagram has been working on in the past months, can support and also offer extra security for IG Live streams while also efficiently managing your broadcasts.

It's interesting to note that TikTok introduced a similar feature in July of last year. Making it seem like Instagram is just following in its rival's footsteps.

The menu icon on the comment bar allows creators to add a moderator. You can use this to find a specific user or choose among the list of users Instagram has recommended.

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