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  • Meerelle Cruz

Instagram Releases Its Predictive Trends Report For 2022

Instagram has released a new predictive trends report for 2022 as part of its broader effort to re-connect with younger audiences and maintain its position as a key driver of cultural influence. The report highlights a range of rising movements across various categories to help brands and marketers better understand key shifts.

Instagram peered into the brains of Gen-Z to learn more about the increasing Instagram trends across categories including music, fashion, creators and celebs, beauty, social justice, and so much more to generate this research. These future-oriented audiences are continually constructing the reality they want to live in, from altering how they approach school and the concept of "career" to maximalist fashion statements.

To emphasize Instagram's participation in this process, the report is presented in a kitschy throwback style, with the entire design linking into pop culture shifts and trends. The 13-page report covers a variety of topics, including cuisine, wellness, memes, and fashion and beauty. Each highlighted topic provides quantitative insights into usage trends and behaviors, as well as a list of noteworthy creators to keep an eye on.

There's also a section dedicated to the future of purchasing, which is another important aspect of Instagram's growing connected push. In addition to the textual analysis, Instagram has released a series of video interviews with significant influencers across a variety of genres, providing a more direct look at the key shifts.

There are some intriguing takeaways here, as well as some helpful tips for those trying to improve their Instagram marketing strategy in 2022. Of course, TikTok is now undoubtedly the leader in web culture trends, a position previously held by Instagram. However, Instagram is still a cultural force in its way, and the many transitions are worth noting as you contemplate your approach and plan for the new year.

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