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Instagram Releases Individual Post Deletion from Carousels Option and Shake to Report Feature

In a recent announcement, Instagram introduced the ability to delete individual posts from within a previously uploaded carousel, which has been a popular feature request.

After you've posted a carousel of images and/or videos, you'll be capable of removing specific posts from that series by tapping on the three dots menu, selecting 'Edit,' then selecting the small trash icon in the top left of the image/video you want to remove, as stated by Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri.

The feature will give you more room to manage your Instagram posts, while also preventing you from having to remove and re-upload a carousel set if one frame has a mistake or issue.

Carousel postings have surpassed both single image and video updates as the most engaging type of post, according to a recent study by Mention/Hubspot. The ability to provide more meaning to your updates by including more frames makes this a particularly beneficial format for businesses – and now you'll have even more options for managing your carousel posts, which will come in handy if you ever need it.

Instagram has also introduced a new 'rage shake' function, which activates a new issue report prompt if you shake your phone while Instagram is active.

Other apps, such as Facebook, have similar 'shake to report' features, making it easier to immediately disclose technical concerns or glitches in reaction to what may be a reflex movement in some circumstances.

However, if you find yourself shaking your smartphone aggressively in response to a problem with an app, it might be time to step away from social media for a while. It's not that necessary to keep up with the current memes.

On iOS, you may now delete a single post from a carousel, with Android support coming shortly, while 'rage shake' is currently only accessible in the United States.

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