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Instagram Releases a New Series of Holiday Live Shopping Events

As part of its ongoing efforts to broaden its eCommerce boundaries and, preferably, develop user behavior in the platform, Instagram released a new series of celebrity-led shopping live streams.

According to Instagram:

“From December 7 - 15, we’re hosting a series of live holiday shopping events on Instagram featuring Nia Sioux (@niasioux), Lisa Rinna (@lisarinna) and more of your favorites. You’ll find exclusive offers and a curated selection of gifts for you and your special ones. Tune in on the Instagram Shop tab!”

The streams will cover a variety of themes, including fashion, cuisine, and 'gifts under $30,' as seen here. While Instagram tries to expand its live shopping broadcasts as part of a larger campaign to encourage eCommerce activity in the platform, more celebrities and events will be announced.

Last September, Instagram launched a similar series of live shopping streams, marking the company's first step into larger-scale live shopping events.

The emergence of live shopping in China, where live-stream commerce is now a $170 billion sector that is rapidly growing, is the driving force behind this. TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are also attempting live-stream shopping broadcasts, and with parent company Meta aiming to incorporate additional commerce opportunities into its ecosystem, with a particular aim of maximizing its grasp in emerging markets, Instagram presents a significant potential thus far.

Matter of fact, according to Facebook's own study, 89% of individuals are interested in trying out live shopping.

And on Instagram, where users are already connected with businesses and wanting to keep up with the latest developments, it appears like a natural fit, combining the allure of well-known celebrities with the convenience of 'buy now' streaming to encourage impulse purchases.

It'll be intriguing to see if it takes off in Western markets, as well as how Instagram users react to the new feature. Instagram's tools are still being developed, but when its live-stream shopping tools improve in 2022, it might become a much greater factor.

All eCommerce businesses certainly should keep an eye on this area.

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