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Instagram Releases a New 'Insider' Magazine Exploring Emerging Platform Trends

Instagram has released the third issue of its digital magazine, 'Instagram Insider,' which examines emerging trends based on platform interaction and offers ideas and insights to help direct your strategy.

Instagram Insider's fall edition examines seasonal changes in user behavior, which take on a more positive tone.

According to Instagram:

“This year’s fall trends reflect the past 18 months with an increased respect for nature and art, self-identity and pageantry. A year of long walks and hikes can be seen in the evolving Gorpcore aesthetic. The added appreciation for all things simply joyful (a trend we’re calling “C’Mon Get Happy”) is reflected in the bright colors and bold patterns in everything from tops to nails to dishware.”

Bright colors are undoubtedly a significant feature among trend insights.

It's worth noting that you may scan a barcode and study the topic on the app for yourself, linking the magazine to shoppable posts and video.

Instagram also includes remarks on Fashion Month and essential, rising creators to follow for distinct viewpoints on the major fashion events, while the samples provide some useful insights for your expanding Instagram strategy.

There's also Instagram's Q and A section, which aims to answer common questions about platform usage, with this month's section focusing exclusively on Reels.

There are no huge revelations or strategic insights here, however Instagram does mention that the Reels algorithm favors ‘smaller creators.'

It's also worth noting Instagram's recommendation that users re-share their Reels to Stories and main feed. Which is understandable, but Instagram is also actively working to prevent users from re-sharing feed posts to Stories.

Clearly, there's no such worries with Reels.

Instagram's Insider magazines include some intriguing insight into the newest trends, which may aid to direct your marketing approach, while the advice sections do reveal some crumbs of extra information regarding its algorithms and what it's fixating on at any particular time.

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