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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Instagram Reels Duration Now Up to 90 seconds

Instagram has now released a new update to its Reels, which it was working on earlier this year.

By combining multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and other creative tools, IG users may now create Reels up to 90 seconds long and videos in the vertical short-form design.

After Brazil, Germany, and France, India was the fourth country to have Reels released therein, and the platform has slowly increased the length of time from 15 seconds to 30, 60, and now 90 seconds.

Reels as a content type have met success in India, owing to the format and platform push, and the expanded duration would imply enhanced creative potential.

Consumption behavior on Reels, on the other hand, is skewed toward shorter periods, and the longer format may work against this, causing users to skip the Reel.

To maximize the platform's rising engagement, the entertainment experience has been expanding its monetization and shopping options.

The platform now allows users to showcase products with shoppable tags, which redirects them to the shopping page, where they can access product information and complete their purchases.

The feature combines shopping and Reels, two features that Instagram has pushed with several updates, including two dedicated tabs for Reels and Shop (individually), which resulted in a change in Instagram's UI.

Reels advertising was also launched by the platform to encourage users to use Reels to find new creators and businesses. This user exploration approach is used to make the Reels tab an ideal area for brands to present themselves creatively using the format.

The adverts, like those in Stories, will be full-screen and immersive. Ads can last up to 30 seconds, and users can comment, like, view, save, share, and skip them just like organic Reels content.

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