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  • Ruth Raima Servida

Instagram Reels Ads Testing Reaches Further Regions

Over the past month, Instagram has been testing their Reels Ads in some regions, and is now moving for its expansion into more nations across the globe as this feature seems to show more of its potential in the market.

Reels Ads appear in between Reels clips within a user’s feed, similarly familiar as of Tiktok ads, and also includes a “sponsored” tag below the profile showing that it is part of a paid promotion. Late last month, Instagram Reels Ads were first introduced in India, Brazil, Germany and Australia and according to AdWeek’s report, will be reaching Canada, France, UK and US.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri said that the option is growing even if they are not disclosing the official numbers of Reels usage for now. With the goal of creating a more sustainable Reels eco-system will reassure creators getting paid for their efforts, content, etc. This will also provide the platform itself more value in supporting an developing the newest feature.

“Both in terms of how much people are sharing and how much people are consuming.” Mosseri added.

Instagram Reels is a work in progress, it may be way behind of Tiktok for now, based on a recent report that users are spending more of their time in the said application rather than Facebook or Instagram. But there is no doubt that Reels can be an option.

As this new expansion progress, anyone should look out if it will really help a brand or can be a relevant option for marketing. Until then, expect more updates from Instagram.

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