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Instagram Offers Tips on How to Make the Most of Your On-Platform Promotional Efforts

Instagram has risen to prominence as one of the most important social media platforms for business promotion in the last five years, with an increasing number of users using the app for inspiration, discovery, and, increasingly, direct purchase possibilities. As a result, Instagram has become a significant concern for many brands. However, boosting your Instagram presence can be difficult, as the increasing competition for attention in the platform makes it more difficult to stand out, acquire new followers, and increase your messaging.

So, what are the greatest Instagram marketing strategies for 2021, and how can you increase your posting strategy and presence? To learn more about this, Emily Reid, Instagram's Product Marketing Lead for Small Businesses, answered questions on some of the most important aspects of Instagram posting and promotion.

Q. What ad/promotional elements are seeing the best response on Instagram right now?

Each surface on Instagram may assist you in achieving a particular goal, and when combined, they see businesses cultivating dedicated customer bases. One of the advantages of using Instagram is the variety of surfaces you may use to reach out to your fans, community, and consumers in numerous ways.

You may utilize Reels to make short, interesting movies and enhance the chances of those who don't follow you learning about your business. You can use Stories to connect with your audience in a variety of ways, from showcasing behind-the-scenes footage to polling and chatting with your followers to learn more about what they want to see.

To reach that sweet spot, Instagram suggests experimenting as much as possible. Hits are frequently the product of businesses and creators improvising and experimenting with fresh ideas.

Q: What's the key to an effective Instagram marketing strategy?

More than 90% of individuals now follow a business on Instagram. People come to Instagram to be inspired and find things they care about, including brand material, so businesses should take advantage of this.

The most important Instagram advice is to try new things! Whether it's using stories to show behind-the-scenes, Instagram Live to have a conversation or features like Shopping tags to promote direct sales, try leveraging the various surfaces and free tools on Instagram to interact with and create an audience.

With the shift toward eCommerce, they recently launched a new Shop tab to the main navigation bar, allowing users to shop the latest trends from creators and companies on Instagram Shop with just one tap. They also implemented shopping on Reels and IGTV to allow users to shop while they are inspired. These tools should be used by businesses to directly boost product sales.

Q: What are some good examples of brands that are achieving strong results with Instagram marketing?

@halfdays - A tiny DTC business founded by an Olympic skier who struggled to find correctly fitting ski equipment that was designed and manufactured for women, by women.

“A lot of skiwear manufacturers adopt the ‘shrink it and pink it' strategy - take men's clothing, shrink it, and add something like a floral pattern,” says founder Kiley McKinnon. Rather than downsizing and pinking, the team draws inspiration from their closets, resulting in simplistic pieces in neutral colors and sizes that are accessible to all.

@HillHouse - The Nap Dress that was all over Instagram last year was created by a woman-owned small business. - Handmade jewelry from a small black woman-owned shop in New York City. Instagram has helped her raise visibility and connect with clients who adore her work but might not have found her otherwise.

Q: What would be your top tip for someone starting with Instagram ads?

With Instagram’s Promote tool, Instagram has made it easier for small companies to advertise on Instagram straight within the app. They understand that small enterprises have limited time and resources. Their ad alternatives are intended to make it simple for businesses to reach an audience that could be interested in their products or services. They encourage businesses to think like creators when creating advertising, to be scrappy, experimental, and to draw inspiration from the platform's hot content and effects.

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