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Instagram Now Allows Users to Schedule Live Streams to Increase Awareness and Viewers

Instagram has added a new feature to the app that allows users to schedule forthcoming IG Live broadcasts, with users being able to tap through to receive a reminder message on the day of the broadcast.

This post delves deeper into how the scheduling process works:

As seen in these samples, broadcasters will be able to arrange an upcoming stream from the live composer up to 90 days in advance, which can contain a title description and product tags if you want to promote them in your stream.

Instagram has been running a number of live-stream shopping events over the past month, with the immediacy and engagement of the format helping to enhance discovery and boost purchase activity in the app. TikTok is also working at it after witnessing success with live shopping in China, which is the model for this new push, and allowing for more purchasing behavior in each app.

Evidently, as McKinsey highlighted earlier this year, live-shopping has become a big component of China's retail sector:

“In China, live commerce has transformed the retail industry and established itself as a major sales channel in less than five years. In a 2020 survey, two-thirds of Chinese consumers said they had bought products via livestream in the past year.”

According to McKinsey, live-commerce-initiated sales might account for as much as 10% to 20% of all e-commerce by 2026, which is where Instagram and TikTok see promise.

The ability to plan your streams opens up even more possibilities on this front, with users being able to register for reminders the day before the broadcast and then 15 minutes before the stream begins, as previously mentioned.

It may not appear to be a huge change, but given the estimates and the potential opportunity, it is. There have always been other promotional techniques to boost awareness of your upcoming streams, of course. However, the fact that this is incorporated into Instagram and delivers automated reminders in the app is a significant improvement that may be extremely beneficial to marketers wanting to increase interaction on the platform.

Instagram is bringing out live scheduling to all users this week, so it'll be worth a shot.

Furthermore, Instagram has introduced a new Live practice feature that allows users to test their lighting, get accustomed to the camera, and so on without actually broadcasting.

Broadcasters will also be able to connect with their guests in practice mode ahead of time and test their connection, which, as anybody who has streamed before knows, is an important factor in the process.

In the following months, the new Live practice mode will be available.

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