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Instagram Increases ‘Daily Limit’ Notification Time Options

Instagram has changed its options regarding the "daily limit" feature, which allows users to choose to minimize usage.

Techcrunch noted that the changes coincided with the sluggish growth noted in Meta's most recent quarterly report, which subsequently sent the stock plummeting 20%.

Previously, Instagram offered options for daily limits as low as 10 minutes, and that limit now appears to have been increased to a minimum of 30 minutes.

A tipster who had previously applied the 10-minute limit received a notification that the tool was under development, the 10-minute interval could be kept, but was apparently complicated to do so.

According to Meta, there are two time management features; the existing 'daily limit' shows you a notification when you've reached your daily limit, but the latest 'Take A Break' feature shows you full-screen reminders to leave the app, at 10-minute intervals.

Meta stated that the 'Daily Limit' options have been changed to prevent people from sending multiple notifications at once.

Time management tools were first rolled out in 2018 due to concerns about users' mental health, but the limits are soft reminders that can be rejected.

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