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Instagram Launches 'Checkout on Instagram' to Facilitate In-App Shopping

It's happening.

After edging towards eCommerce for some time, and evolving its various tools to better facilitate on-platform shopping, Instagram is now taking the next step with the introduction of a new checkout option in the app.

The new process takes Instagram's 'Shopping Tags' to the next level - now, instead of a 'View on Website' button when you tap through, users will see a 'Checkout on Instagram' option, which will enable them to make a purchase right there and then, before returning straight back to their Insta feed.

There are, of course, a couple of significant provisos at this stage. Right now, the process is being launched in closed beta, which means that it's not available to all brands. In fact, only 23 businesses are participating in the initial trial, and the process will only be available to users in the US.

Moving into in-stream payments is a big step, so it makes sense for Instagram to take it slow - though it may be frustrating for businesses who've been waiting for the platform's Shopping Tags to evolve.

And on payments, Instagram will store your payment data after your first in-app purchase, and use that for future shopping, so you only need to enter your details once.

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