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Instagram Introduces Scheduled Live Display on User Profiles to Boost Discovery of Upcoming Streams

Following up on its revelation last week of the platform's extension of remixable videos, Instagram has now disclosed its new display of scheduled live streams on creator profiles, allowing yet another method to promote upcoming live broadcasts in the app.

The new display option, as seen in these photos given by Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri, will allow you to list your forthcoming IG live streams on your profile, which, when tapped, will display further information in a pop-up prompt, where people can also sign up for a reminder of when the stream is slated to begin.

According to Mosseri:

“Creators have been able to schedule lives for a while now, but now, you can separate scheduling a live from creating a feed post, or even now a Story post, about that Live. You also get a little badge on your profile that’s lets followers know, or anybody know that goes to your profile, that there’s a Live coming up and they can subscribe to be reminded.”

Users can create as many scheduled lives as they want, according to Mosseri, and a side-scrolling list will be added to your profile display.

It might be a useful feature for those who broadcast on Instagram Live, since it could encourage more people to watch by increasing awareness of your broadcasts. As Mosseri points out, the only option to let others know about your upcoming streams in the app has been through posts and Stories, which limits the reach of such notifications to your existing followers. Anyone who visits your profile will now be able to see that you have a live broadcast scheduled, potentially attracting more people.

IG Live has emerged as a significant connection surface in the app, notably during the pandemic, and as Instagram seeks to develop the option into eCommerce, allowing for more direct engagement between companies and followers, the ability to build out a more successful IG Live strategy might be a big assist in boosting your on-platform efforts.

It may appear to be a minor addition in the grand scheme of things, but it might go a long way toward increasing awareness and attracting more people to your upcoming shows.

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