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Instagram Introduces New Click to WhatsApp Message Ads to Make Cross-App Connections Easier

Instagram stated recently that all businesses can now link their WhatsApp business account to Instagram to promote new connection opportunities in the platform, which it previewed earlier this month.

As seen here, linking your WhatsApp business account allows you to add a new WhatsApp connection tab to your Instagram business profile, giving users another option to contact you and create direct chats with your business.

Which might be significant, given that 75 percent of adults desire to engage with businesses via messaging, according to Facebook. That does seem high, but even if that's partly right, giving each person a way to contact you through message, and in the messaging app of their choice, could be a good thing.

Furthermore, once you've linked your WhatsApp business account, you'll be able to boost posts that encourage clients to message you through the app.

According to Instagram:

“Boosting a post that drives to WhatsApp allows businesses to reach more people and excite them to be their next customer through personalization. Businesses can also choose to streamline their messages and take advantage of WhatsApp's automatic responses and organizational tools.”

Moreover, Facebook is developing a new ad messaging procedure that will recognize the user's preferred messaging platform and prompt them to message your brand on that platform if your business has an active account on the corresponding app.

Another reason to link your WhatsApp business profile on Instagram is that even if you don't use it often, your customers may have, and they may prefer to communicate with you through a certain app.

To run a sponsored WhatsApp connection through your Instagram account, follow these steps:

  • Under profile settings, add your WhatsApp business number to “contact options” on your Instagram business account.

  • Choose an existing post on your Instagram business account that would inspire your audience.

  • Click the blue boost button, choose messages and select WhatsApp

  • Set a goal, audience, budget and duration for your ad that will help you reach your objectives.

  • Review your choices, preview your ad and tap “create your ad.”

  • Your ad will go online within 24 hours after it has been approved.

It might be a useful addition— or at the very least, something worth experimenting with in your strategy.

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