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  • Meerelle Cruz

Instagram Introduces Auto-Generated Captions for Feed Videos

Instagram has taken the next step with the addition of auto-generated captions in Instagram feed videos, following the launch of automatic captions for IGTV uploads in 2020 and the expansion of captions to Stories last year.

Users can now turn on auto-captions for any Instagram feed post, as seen here, giving them even another method to broaden their consumption options in the app.

According to Instagram:

"Adding captions makes Instagram more accessible to those in the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. Captions are default ON for creators."

The ability to add automated captions to all app components, including Reels (through the 'Captions' sticker), which is now Instagram's fastest-growing engagement surface, has been one of the most desired improvements within the Instagram community.

It will also assist creators in maximizing viewership in both sounds on and sound off situations, which might be a huge benefit.

It's inconvenient to be on a bus or out in public, or even watching TV with your partner on the couch, and not be able to hear the whole context of a clip because you can't turn on the sound without provoking the fury of those around you.

You'll have more viewing options, which might make this a significant update. Instagram's feed post-auto-captions will be accessible in 17 languages at first, with more to follow.

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