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Instagram Improves Content Management Tools and Introduces New Features for Safer Internet Day

For Safer Internet Day, Instagram has unveiled several new features which include a new 'Your Activity' display that allows users to better manage their content in the app, as well as increased access to its Security Check-up tool to aid them in enhancing their experience.

To begin with, Instagram is now releasing the improved activity dashboard of 'Your Activity' to all users after months of testing, including a new bulk delete option, enabling users to easily manage their displayed content.

A complete summary of your IG activity, such as time spent in the app, engagement with others, searches you've made, and material that you've posted over time is available in the new Your Activity center, as shown in these examples.

Using a simple checkbox procedure, you can quickly control what people may see on your Instagram profile by deleting particular posts and videos. If you don't want something to show on your profile display but would like to keep it, you can archive it as well.

In addition to keeping track of your Instagram content and instantly removing posts that you don't want associated with your account, it also gives you a more comprehensive picture of your updates throughout time, making it easier to manage your account. Furthermore, all users will now be able to use Instagram's improved Security Checkup tool.

According to Instagram:

“Security Checkup guides people through the steps needed to secure their account including: checking login activity, reviewing profile information, confirming the accounts that share login information and updating account recovery contact information such as a phone number or email address. To complete Security Checkup, go to your Profile and tap the menu in the upper right corner, next tap “Settings”, “Security” then tap “Security Checkup.”

The new Security Check-Up interface, which was first released in July for individuals with hacked accounts, will now be made accessible to all users, allowing them to take advantage of more security options and assistance in the app.

In select countries, users will also be able to use WhatsApp to enable two-factor authentication, which will add to your account's protection by providing another extensive security option. Moreover, Instagram is experimenting with a new method of regaining access to locked accounts by allowing users to ask their friends to verify their identity in the app.

As seen in this sequence, the process requires users to input a previous password that they used to log into their account, and such a method can aid in preventing problems with passwords that have been forgotten or changed. They will then be required to call on two different connections within the app to verify their identity.

You'll then be requested to input a new password to access your account if those contacts affirm that this is indeed yours within 24 hours.

It's a rather simple method to assist users in recovering access to their accounts, with the extra benefit of knowing that the only method of acquiring access is through someone you already know and trust. Instagram's features keep improving and provide additional options for users wanting to improve their in-app experience, with upgraded control and security options being significant key factors for social apps.

Currently in the early stages of development, Instagram’s also working on another login test that could be a means for Instagram to assist users to regain access to their locked accounts, which has always been a huge issue for many users.

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