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Instagram brings the hammer down on “Photoshopped” pics

Last year was the era of Instagram deciding that enough was enough.

From combating “fake news” to hiding like counts, Facebook’s biggest and most prominent media-oriented division is taking a proactive stance when it comes to how its users interact with what they see.

And now it’s taking another stance that could prove controversial with photographers of all stripes: Banning “Photoshopped” pictures entirely.

What do we mean by that? Is Instagram blocking any edited pic whatsoever?

Read on and learn more.

San Francisco photographer Toby Harriman noticed the “fake news” warning overlaid on top of a photograph in his feed.

Curious, he decided to find out what picture had drawn the ire of Instagram’s robot overlords. He found that it was an edited picture of a man overlooking a mountain range edited to look like the colors of the rainbow.

PetaPixel quotes Harriman, “Looks like Instagram x Facebook will start tagging false photos/digital art…Interesting to see this and curious if it’s a bit too far,” Harriman continues. “As much as I do love it to help better associate real vs Photoshop. I also have a huge respect for digital art and don’t want to have to click through barriers to see it.”

If you will recall, digital art is a somewhat touchy subject on Instagram. One recent article we wrote about a man stealing others’ work for his “art” went viral – you can read that right here. Needless to say, for photography purists this might be a positive move.

What do you think? Should Instagram come down hard on “edited” pictures or is all of this a bit much?

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