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Instagram and Facebook Messenger Updated With New iOS Features

As part of Safer Internet Day, Meta is releasing updates for Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

This year the day was organized for the nineteenth time. The day is all about a safer internet for everyone.

So that was a perfect time for Meta to roll out new features for Facebook Messenger. The update to Messenger gives users more control over the content of messages, audio messages are now up to 30 minutes in length, and users can access Vanish Mode.

Vanish Mode offers users the option of communicating with each other in a Snapchat-like manner. Messages sent through this mode disappear the moment the recipient views them, as do text, GIFs, photo GIFs, and stickers.

In addition, there is now the Split Payments feature. This is a kind of built-in payment system with which you send divided payment requests to your friends and family, you then pay from Facebook Messenger.

The update for Instagram is more about Safer Internet Day. For example, the Security Checkup is available.

The app helps you protect your account on the platform and it takes you through all available and important steps that you can take.

There is also an option called Your Activity, with which the app lumps all interaction on the platform together and you can find everything in one overview. In the future, there will be a tool that allows friends to confirm each other's identities when someone no longer has access to their account; that could be extremely helpful!

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