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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Instagram Allows Third-Party Platforms Access to its Reels API

With Meta's announcement that it will be releasing its Reels API for external use, brands will soon have more choices available for publishing Instagram Reels to their profiles and handling associated activity.

API access allows services such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social to give cross-platform posting and analytics capability within a single dashboard, making it simpler to manage all of your social posts and schedules in one location.

Also, Instagram Reels will soon be offered as an option in these services as well.

According to Meta:

“Beginning tomorrow, June 28th, 2022, we will begin introducing Reels to several endpoints on the Instagram Platform. We are always looking to improve our content publishing and consumption experiences, whether people use Instagram natively, or via a third-party. After consistently hearing from our developer community that Reels is a top priority, we are excited to introduce Reels to a number of the endpoints that you may already be familiar with.”

Within the Reels element, the new API will offer content planning, insights, moderation, hashtag search, and more.

Reels are a key consideration for Meta since data indicates that Reels content currently accounts for more than 20% of time spent on Instagram and that at least 45% of Instagram accounts interact with Reels on a weekly basis.

Because of this, marketers should give it top importance. Adding Reels to your mix of social material will be a lot simpler with the expanded ability to manage your Reels content within your social media management platform.

There is yet no official announcement on when these new procedures will be completely functional, but according to Instagram, the new Reels API will start rolling out to 25% of user accounts and will be fully released to the public by July 6th.

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