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  • Kira Praise Bautista

Instagram Adds Group Fundraisers, Facilitating New Awareness Opportunities

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic Instagram adds partnership or single fundraising promotion to reach the right amount of people for awareness, enlightening and acknowledging new information for certain communities that needs attention. As explained by Instagram: "Offline fundraising is often a group activity, from things like walk-a-thons, to bake sales, to concerts, and we wanted to bring that same sense of community to Instagram fundraisers so people can activate together around a single cause. 100% of the funds go directly to the nonprofit you’re raising money for, too." Content will now extend and be recognized through the use of this feature. Celebrities, influencers and creators can collaborate and achieve the objective of each promotional awareness to inform and help other communities to appreciate and join the movement. When you set-up a fundraiser on IG, you'll also be able to invite others to join the initiative, which will expand your reach potential by having more people promote the effort, while also, as Instagram notes, facilitating new forms of fundraising initiatives and those efforts have facilitated new opportunities, with Facebook reporting that over $5 billion has been raised, in total, through its various tools on both its main platform and on Instagram.

Group fundraisers adds another element to this, and could see more people looking to launch collaborative fundraising and awareness projects on the platform, Non-profit organizations can now use this feature to raise their perception and infuse institutions and associations. From this, small groups of people can merge and participate, give insights and open up projects which will eventually open up new opportunities for awareness.

It's always nice to care for other people and share privileges, what we can give and what we can offer as an individual to the society is big enough to start a change and inform people through the use of this platform.

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