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  • MaryGrace Lerin

[Infographic] LinkedIn's Perspective on Today's Most Demanded Marketing Skills

Interesting news for everyone – in LinkedIn’s latest findings, digital marketing and social media abilities are in high demand. LinkedIn has published the second half of its newest analysis of the expanding marketing industry, as well as the main positions and talents that are in-demand, based on job posts on its site.

In some respects, it's unsurprising that jobs placed on LinkedIn especially would prioritize digital abilities, but this isn't entirely true of wider workplace trends. However, based on the vacant jobs and adverts on LinkedIn's platform, these are the areas where demand is strong, and LinkedIn indicates that marketers should try to upskill.

'Instagram,' 'Content Marketing,' and 'Facebook Marketing' are among the important trends mentioned. Learn more about this from the complete infographic from LinkedIn found below.

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