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In-app pandemic shopping busts Christmas record in Europe

In-app shopping has soared, with a 35% rise in e-commerce app installs across Europe – highlighting how marketers need to invest in their owned properties to drive sales and mimic in-person shopping experiences.

Shopping app usage has hit a new high

  • Across the UK, shopping app usage jumped to 7.6% in May and 8% in June – breaching the 7.1% level achieved in November 2019.

  • Demand for e-commerce apps also surged in Europe during lockdown, but to a lower level at just 7% in May – still ahead of the 6.7% attained last November.

  • Between February and May the UK saw a 156% jump in iOS non-organic installs while Android leapt 142%.

  • The EMEA region saw a 56% jump in non-organic installs over the same period.

  • Amid the turmoil, spending spiked in the spring with British consumer shopping spend beating the fourth quarter equivalent in all categories.

Spending has grown with usage

  • The UK also witnessed a 166% boost to ad spend between march and June.

  • Overall consumer spending reached 13% in May 2020 compared to 11.5% in November 2019

  • Looking at fashion specifically consumer spend rose 14% in May compared to 10.3% the previous November

  • General retail meanwhile reached 12.5% in May versus 12.3% the previous November.

Why it matters

  • E-commerce activity this holiday season is expected to set new records according to the report, affording an enormous opportunity but also “… pressure to not only provide access to e-commerce via shopping apps, but to also implement creativity, compassion and understanding throughout marketing efforts and UX.”

  • Doug McMillen, vice president of enterprise strategy at AppsFlyer said: “… a frictionless experience is essential as brick and mortar physical shoppers navigate a new-to-them mobile experience, marketers are now armed with the data and direction needed to create positive impact and ROI.”

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